Are you interested in joining our team?

What We Look For: We are not as much interested in resumes and cover letters as we are about character. We emphasize hiring for heart and training for hands. Cover letters only tell a small part of someone’s story and often resumes don’t reflect accurately the potential individuals have when empowered and offered the chance to excel. That’s why the most important part of initial contact is how individuals respond to the request to send anything that makes you stand out. This is the chance to show what you’re made of and to articulate a more accurate narrative of your story. Anything is fair game.  As a small team that aspires to be small, we’re people hirers more than we are role-fillers.  A luxury of being small is that we’re able to be nimble and flexible in adapting to the skills and talents of our crew.  Effort and an entrepreneurial mentality are the intangible requirements everyone must possess to be happy and successful at DecisionGIrid. Being humble, willing to go the extra mile and sustaining a self-starter attitude are musts.

What we don’t look for: Egos. Negativity. Pessimists. People who can’t appreciate good conversation (or coffee).

What we do look for: People who give. Realistic optimists. Humble team players and coaches.  If you want to know what character means to us, check out our DecisionGrid Culture Contract.

If you want to pursue a vocation, drop a note of interest to us!