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Want To Change The World? We’ve Got Your Back!

A Community of Bookkeepers Dedicated To You, For Good.


Want To Change The World? We’ve Got Your Back!

A Community of Bookkeepers Dedicated To You, For Good.


DecisionGrid handles the details so that you can focus on the big picture.

We are the perfect partner to insure that you and your organization feel confident with the accuracy and timeliness of financial reports and processes.

The expert Quickbooks Online bookkeeping and reporting services we supply reduce confusion, and eliminate the fear of not knowing where you stand financially.

We are trained and certified in the latest Quickbooks Online technology and integrated software applications to give you practical, accurate, and timely information about how your business or organization is stewarding its financial resources.


Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, and Counsel.

“I can focus on pastoring people and not on whether bills are getting paid on time.”

     Doug Serven, Pastor of City Presbyterian Church

Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, and Counsel.

“I can focus on pastoring people and not on whether bills are getting paid on time.”

     Doug Serven, Pastor of City Presbyterian Church

For leaders and owners who want to know the big picture of their financials but don't have the time or inclination to play with spreadsheets, we've got your back by supplying you with the information you need to make good decisions.

The Customized Services we offer:

·       Quickbooks Online expert bookkeeping and software management

·       Monthly reconciliation of bank and credit card statements

·       Online document management

·       Accounts payable management

·       Invoicing and A/R management

·       Annual donor statements for non-profit organizations

·       Quickbooks Online training and oversight

·       Quickbooks Online setup and training for non-profits

·       App integration education and management

·       Customized reports and scoreboards

·       Payroll processing and reporting

·       Budget development and reporting

·       Financial performance education and reviews

·       Best practices and procedures mentoring

·       Audit support

·       Responsive customer service

Your Investment

Your Investment

Your investment

We recognize that every business or organization is unique. That is why, before we formally start our relationship, we will give you the option of choosing the service level and pricing that works best for you. 



For you to choose to build a relationship with us, DecisionGrid has to bring more value to your organization than your investment.  As you consider a relationship with us, keep in mind:

·      DecisionGrid is a group of professionals backed up by a team of experienced coaches who are continually learning and improving the accuracy, quality, and timeliness of the services you receive by constantly investing in our team members and yours as well.

·      You never have to worry about if the work will get done because someone leaves your team or ours.  Our team works together to make sure the processes and reports required by every client are taken care of accurately and on a timely basis.

·      You don’t have to concern yourself with hiring or firing or training your financial people.  DecisionGrid is your complete financial solution. The personnel issues are ours.  The DecisionGrid Stewardship partner assigned to you is our employee.  We take care of training, hiring, nurturing, et al.  You and your team focus on what you do best.

·      In almost all situations, the cost of our services is of higher quality, better accuracy and timeliness while costing less than an in-house employee.

Our Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  DecisionGrid exists to give you financial stewardship tools that allow you to do what you do best.  Foundational to fulfilling our mission is insuring the information and tools we supply to you and your team are accurate, timely and meaningful.  If, for any reason, you determine that we have not fulfilled our obligation, you simply do not pay.  That’s it.  You decide.  If you’re not fully satisfied in any way with what we supply and how we deliver it, you don’t pay.



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I am interested

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nps clients 2017.jpg

Our Clients

Our Clients

DecisionGrid has been INVALUABLE for our organization, it is so great to be able to outsources this work so our pastors and other leaders can focus on ministry and not worry as much about administration. 

Megan Coldagelli, Board Member, City Presbyterian Church

The aspects I like most about DecisionGrid are:

1. They take the stress out of “doing the books”.  For us, we are a small church and just don’t have the manpower to do it ourselves.  They provide an affordable option for us. 

2. DG is there for us.  Any time I have question, from payroll to budget, from taxes to best practices, the provide timely and prompt answers.

Ashley Thomas, Administrator, Crosstown Church

I am a new company using a bookkeeper for the first time. The great thing is that so far, I have not had to deal with my books very much, except for a question here or there.  That is exactly what I wanted.  Let me do my business and you take care of the books for me.

Dean Slatev, Owner, Local Lending Oklahoma

DecisionGrid team has been very focused on getting our finance right and always making sure we are on the right track to meet our goals and budget.  They are always available when we need them.

Humberto Manzano, Administrator, Iglesia Bautista Central

Patient, intentional, detailed, continuous follow-up, clear communication, and countless other customer-service minded characteristics have provided the value and appreciation for the relationship.

Jefferson Killgore, Executive Director, Healthy Living OKC

DG set high expectations coming on board with us this year, and has surpassed them all from initial process transparency, to documentation accuracy, to coaching through the onboarding process.

Herschel Thompson, Church Administrator, Wildwood Community Church

We have been so grateful to Decision Grid for walking along side of us to get our books in order. They are always so kind and determined to serve us the best way they can. 

Connie Jones, Harbor House Foundation, Inc.

Using DecisionGrid has enabled me to focus my time on other areas now that financial deadlines are being met with accuracy.  I am grateful we have DecisionGrid as a part of our team enabling us to be successful.

Susan Stewart, Administrator, The 405 Center

I love the entire DecisionGrid team.  They’ve helped us through challenging staff changes, coached, and helped us grow our not-for-profit tremendously and always keep us on track with up-to-date financial information.  We would not be in the position to carry out our mission without DecisionGrid.

Ally Lang, COO, Hope Is Alive 

DecisionGrid has been an amazing resource for us.  We have the peace of mind our books are being kept with excellence, and we always receive the financial reports we need in a timely manner.  DecisionGrid is highly communicative, professional, and all around fantastic to work with.  We can’t recommend them enough!

Emily Bernhard, Administrator, Maisha Project

Decision Grid helped us streamline some of our bookkeeping processes and continues to provide excellent remote support services. I would highly recommend them!  

Grace Bruhn, The Wilberforce School

Decision Grid team members respond promptly, always find an answer if they don't know it already, and are professional in taking care of the financial and bookkeeping matters that I've entrusted them with. They let me focus on the mission of my organization, and help keep it running behind the scenes.

Mark Nehrenz, OKC Good

hands together.jpg

About Us

About Us

Just like a team has a play for every down and distance, we have a plan and purpose for our processes.

Why we created a playbook.

A traditional playbook contains descriptions of different offensive and defensive plays that are used by a team. Playbooks are designed to equip teams with a plan for almost every situation, putting them in the best position for success.

This is the DecisionGrid Playbook. Originally approached as an internal document for our team to reference, we wanted to share this with our clients, partners, and career-seekers to give a transparent view into who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

This is our purpose, our process, and our passion. And there’s a lot here. Just like a team needs a game plan to win, we need a plan to achieve our goals. Through transparency and authenticity, we’re able to define our daily routines and workflows and confidently communicate what we do and what drives us, both as individuals and as a collective unit.

Whether you’re interested in working with us or just want to know how often we get together, the Playbook is for you. To access the Playbook, click the link below:

The DecisionGrid Playbook

Meet The DecisionGrid Team